Learning about Oil Treatments

So recently I looked some things up on oiling your hair! I never really tired it because my hair can get really oily all by its self. But that was a different problem all together! So I got this oil packet from my cousins wife's baby shower and didn't really know what to do with it....

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

I'm sure you've seen these shelves online, ALL OVER THE WEB! Well maybe not anymore... it's been sometime since these shelves have been online. But I really wanted to make these shelves for my living room area. And luckily for me! My dad is a cabinet maker! Link to the instructions on how to make these wonderful cabinets will be at the end of the post. For this we used wood from school bleachers, my dad got from a school when they were remodeling the gym.

TA-DA!!! I love them. I'm still working on things to put on it. 

And as promised! Here is the link to the How To ---> Link

Pretty Serious

So Tom and I like to bake...

I prefer to drink and bake. 

But needless to say, we're pretty serious about it. 

This are our serious faces, that's how you know we're serious!

P.S. It's 3AM here, and I thought this would be funny to share. :P