The Tin Project #6

So this post is gonna be pretty short, I had planned for it to be longer and greater and all around better. But things aren't working out that way. I have big plans coming up for the blog, new challenges to look forward to, then there's the holidays and keeping up with everything. So with that being said. This task was really easy, and I'm probably a month late on the update.

It was to vacuum.... and I had my boyfriend do it. It was a while ago so I don't remember why, but I probably asked him to do it. Knowing me I probably planned a full day and then something stupid popped up.
Hi boyfriend

I have already picked my next project, but due to the holidays and all my income going to that. I haven't been able to work on it. It's been a while now... and I'm getting antsy wanting to pick another project from the all mighty TIN. But I know the rules, this must be completed first.

Look at our cute little tree! 

In the mean time we've been decorating and getting all the gifts wrapped up. 

I hope you all are having a great holiday and a happy new year! 

The Tin Project #5 Run for 10 Minutes

Yes I want to work out! Yes I want to be fit! BUT!! I'm lazy... and winter is coming.. and the blankets and netflicks are calling my name. And so I put workout outs in my tin to make sure I stay active and don't turn into a totally potato.

I haven't ran in so long. I donated my old running shoes (needed new one anyway) and all my workout clothes are for summer. So I just used the elliptical that we have in the house.

10 minutes on that and a nice shower afterward, and I was feeling pretty good.

Also I'm a bit of a podcast nut, so I was listening to Freakonomics Radio.

I learned about how pin ball machines where outlawed in New York till 1977! Pretty interesting stuff!

So since today's task was pretty lax. I'm going to recommend you my current obsessions.

I'm a big lover of interesting history. And sex and violence are great selling point in this historical drama. But if I had my way, all the ladies would have hairy legs and armpits. Because I highly doubt shaving was a big thing back then. *grumble grumble grumble* Other then some historical inaccuracies I really liked The Tudors. (on the last season!)

Now I love podcast apps. LOVE THEM! I'll listen to them all day at work. I was very sad when my past one ended. But I found a new one and it is amazing and full of so many podcasts that update everyday I use it. So I never have a shortage of things to listen to. It's called Podcasts and you can get it free at the App Store on iTunes.

That's all I have for today! Today was a great day for me, and I hope it was a great day for you!

The Tin Project #4 Illustrate From a Paragraph in a Book

I pulled this one in August....and finished it last month (October). I was excited to start, mostly because I had the perfect idea and image AND I was reading Bram Stoker's Dracula (which I still have to finish).  But this one paragraph stood out far more then any other parts I had read already. It was dark and deep and disturbing, giving me beautiful visuals and ideas.

Well it's a little more then a paragraph.
" "You ourself never loved; you never love!" 
On this the other women joined, and such a mirthless, hard, soulless laughter ran through the room that it almost made me faint to hear; it seemed like the pleasure of fiends. Then the Count turned,